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Tomsk region, Moryakovski Zaton, Moryakovka

Anastasia Loskutova
a student of Class 8B
Lidiya Toueva
the teacher of English

We live in Western Siberia, Tomsk region, in Moryakovski Zaton, north-west from students town of Tomsk, in 40 km far from it. We, Anastasia Loskutova, a student of Class 8B and her teacher of English Lidiya Toueva, live here all our life. We both were born in our settlement and both love our native place very much.

Moryakovka is a settlement of river men. The name of a settlement comes from the name of a steamer. It was founded in 1917 thanks to induced wintering of a steamer ‘Moryak’.
Our story is about our place at the beginning of the 20th century. Great lake, located on the left bank of Ishtan channel (protoka), had a name ‘Dukhovoe’. The name goes back to the legend based on true facts. It narrated that robbed and killed merchants were sunk in this lake and their souls moaned and prayed them to be buried. Nobody walked to this lake and it was rich in fish and there were such great jungles of currant and bird cherry tree that hardly where you would find it! In order to take off a curse from the lake, hunters decided to flow its water off. They made a small channel to Ishtanskaya protoka but water didn’t go away from the lake fully. People didn’t bury killed merchants. Bad fame left with this lake till now… Sometimes it does not depend on us what events happen on the territory we live in, the point is that we know and keep them for the next generations and want to know many people in the world about our history and us. We are proud of the place we live in, because it is our motherland. Our special thanks and deepest gratitude to Valentina Alexandrovna Aganina, the keeper of a great amount of material about our settlement in school museum, for materials given us and enthusiasm made our story happen.

  • Anchor is the symbol of Moryakovka
  • Steamer ‘Moryak’, our settlement got its name after
  • Modern ship on the river Ob


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