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St. Petersburg - the northern capital

Берёзкиной Марьяны
Ученицы 8п класса
Лицея 533
Красногвардейский район.

St. Petersburg - the northern capital, the birthplace of many famous Russian writers, poets, artists, architects, musicians who glorify and continue to praise the city for the whole world. Neva, Isaac's Cathedral, Nevsky Prospect and the Hermitage - the most famous places in St. Petersburg. Since childhood, I was taught to know my city.
Every Sunday my parents with me went to the Hermitage, and on the way home we’re walking along the Nevsky Prospect. In one of these Sundays, my father proposed to cut off the path and go from courtyard, and at the same time go to doughnut cafe. I was six and I had never eaten doughnut. Dad asked me about how many doughnut I wanted, I answered that only one. This is very surprised him. It seemed to me that doughnut were very much, and I couldn’t understand how my dad could eat seven of them. So, he persuaded me to take three. The doughnut were very tasty - very soft, still warm, with a little crispy and a pile of powdered sugar (I was all in the powder). They costed for five rubles. In the end I ate for ten doughnut. Eventually, I grew up, we least went to the Hermitage, and forget about doughnut cafe. A couple of times ago we stopped, but the doughnut are no longer the same - little powdered sugar, doughnut themselves are dry and not tasty.
Time passes, we grow up and change. But the taste of childhood which was connected with an ordinary café on Nevsky Prospect still remind me about a time how happy I was.


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