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Saint-Petersburg, Homeland

Меня зовут Бурыхина Полина.
Мне 15 лет.
Школа №533, Санкт-Петербург.

I was born in Saint-Petersburg. Saint-Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Petersburg was founded on the 27 of May in 1703 by Peter I. Saint-Petersburg has had a lot of names. It was renamed Saint-Petersburg initially then Petrograd, after it was renamed Leningrad and it became Saint-Petersburg in 1991 again. Petersburg is often called a Cultural Capital. A cultural life in Petersburg is rich and varied. There are a lot of theaters, museums, libraries, parks in Saint-Petersburg. For example: Russian Museum, The Hermitage, Admiralty, Theatre of Musical Comedy, Mariinsky Theatre… I often visit museums. I like russian landscape especially village, meadows, fields and rural roads. Saint-Petersburg is my city. I love to walk along the beautiful streets.
One of the park is not far from my home. When I was a young girl there was a shepherd dog in our family.
We used to take him there for a walk. My dog had a toy which my father threw for him. When the dog brought the toy back. I took it and didn’t want to give the toy to the dog. The dog understood that I was only a little girl and went to my Dad to say about it but I was happy, I laughed a lot and played with my dog with a great pleasure. Now I have another dog but I will always remember my old one.


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