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Saint-Petersburg, Art Square

Смирнова Мария Андреевна
8 класс школы 548
Красносельского района Санкт-Петербурга
Учитель – Марушина Ольга Федоровна

My name is Maria. Saint-Petersburg is my native city. It`s the most wonderful city with its straight wide streets, beautiful bridges and magnificent palaces. My favourite place in the city is Art Square. It`s so called because many establishments of arts are concentrated there. The yellow building with white columns is the central building of Art Square. It was Mikhailovsky Palace and was built for the youngest son of Paul I, Grand Duke Mikhail. Now it`s the State Russian Museum. I like going there because I can see collections of works of Russian painters and sculptures. In front of the State Russian Museum there`s a monument to the great Russian poet A.S.Pushkin.
The Museum of Ethnography is located near the State Russian Museum. Exhibitions of the museum introduce us culture and traditions of different people in the world. It`s interesting for me because I can learn how people lived in the past. The yellow building located at the corner of Mikhailovskaya street and Art Square is the Shostakovich St Petersburg Philharmonic Society. It is named after Shostakovich, the Russian composer. The best musicians of the world give their performances there.
Mikhailovsky Theatre is also situated in the Square. It`s one of the largest musical establishments in the city. Many works of Russian composers were first staged by the theatre. I go to the musical school and I`m keen on music. So I like going to these establishments. So, from my point of view Art Square is one of the best places of Saint-Petersburg because you can see pictures, listen to music and learn a lot visiting only the Square.


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