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The Lomonosov Town Gate

Санкт Петербург - Ломоносов
Учитель Зубрицкая Надежда Георгиевна
Ученики 7 класса
ГБОУ СОШ №436 Петродворцовый район

The town Lomonosov (former Oranienbaum) meets each visitor with a beautiful and majestic building – arch of the town gate constructed strictly in the classical style. It recognized as the object of cultural heritage of federal importance.
The first town gate was built in Oranienbaum at the entrance to the palace suburb from St.Petersburg in 1762. After the War of 1812, reconstruction of the old and construction of the new gate of the town was marked at the beginning of the era of Nicolas I (1826-1829). The author of the project was the architect A.M.Gornostaev (1808-1862), who began his career at that time and worked in the stile of classicism. The Oranienbaum gate was designed as a triumphal monument of military glory in honor of Russia’s victory over Napoleon in the War of 1812. The project provided two-story gate guard room, connected by an arch with simi-circular windows on the second floor. In the 1930s the guards’ premises were turned into garage. During the Great Patriotic War the town was blocked by rows of concrete anti-tank obstacles. The defensive line was at the gate.
The comprehensive restoration of the gate was begun in 1998. In the inner room it was supposed to place the exhibition dedicated to the history of Oranienbaum during the War of 1812. But it hasn’t been done. The restoration project intended to restore the facade from St.Petersburg with the Oranienbaum coat of arms which has carried out exactly and on the west façade of the town, instead of the icon that protected the town, the mask of a lion was fixed. The citizens of Lomonosov would like to create the exhibition “Military Glory of Oranienbaum” into the gate. Welcome to our town.


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