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Валеева Ирина Денисовна,
Сафонова Дарья Олеговна
МБОУ-лицей №4 им. Героя Советского Союза
Г. Б. Злотина г. Орла
ученицы 6 «В» класса,
учитель английского языка -
Музыченко Татьяна Петровна

We live in one of the most beautiful Russian cities. There are golden domes, slow rivers and historical buildings in it, which is so typical of an ancient Russian town. They go with impetuous towers of modern buildings and with the new landscape design of streets and squares. This beauty is the result of diligence and eagerness of Orel's inhabitants. There are many museums, parks and squares in Orel. Children's park is very popular, because it has many attractions and a small zoo. Many people walk there with their children, they look very happy. Our city was founded in 1566 by Ivan the Terrible on the confluence of the Oka and the Orlik rivers as a southern border fortress. Nowadays Orel is a central Russian city rich in historical and cultural traditions.
We are proud that writers and poets who make up the literary glory of Russia, e.g, I. S. Turgenev, N. S. Leskov , A. A. Fet, L. N. Andreev , I. A. Bunin, etc.-lived and worked here . The lives of the heroes of the Patriotic War 1812 A. P. Ermolov and D. V. Davydov are connected with our city. On the fifth of August, 1945 the first salute in the history of the World War II was held in Moscow to celebrate the liberation of our city. This date is considered City's Day and the whole region marks it every year. There is Tank men Square not far from our school. Many tank men who liberated our native land in the World War II are buried there. Every year a meeting is held at Tank men Square on the 5th of August to remember them. In 2007 on the eve of Victory Day Orel was given a title “The City of Military Glory".
We recommend you to visit Orel. You are sure to love it.


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