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Krasnodar region - a repository of unusual traditions, bright cultures and joyful impressions.

Суртаева Мария Николаевна
г. Краснодар, МБОУСОШ №78 , 8 «А» класс.
Учитель – Александрова Светлана Олеговна

Закончила художественную школу, увлекаюсь иностранными языками ( английский, японский) спортом (волейбол).

Have you ever had a place, which you want to return again and again? This place is important and dear for your heart, your soul strives for it. It’s just a Motherland!
Motherland for me is Krasnodar region because it is a repository of unusual traditions, bright cultures and joyful impressions. Besides, our region is amazing owing to the hot sun, wide expanse of the Black Sea and wonderful snow-covered Caucasus! There are a lot of exciting places in Krasnodar region: the unknown mountainous wonders, the springs in the forests. One of these wonders is the White River. I often pass it, when I’m travelling round the region. This river has a very extraordinary legend, and I want to tell you about it. After the raid to Georgia prince Daho captivated a beautiful girl Bela. She refused to be him a wife and was dreaming about the reveng only. At once she could run away. Prince Daho threw himself to pursuit and reached her on a steep bluff. There were loud water of the unknown river below. But Bela rushed to the rotation. People remembered the gallantry of the brave girl, and from that time this river is named the White River.
So, it’s only one of the legends of Krasnodar region, but there are a lot of other ones. That is why I can name my Motherland a region of the great colorful legends and stories. And that is why I love it so much!


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