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Krasnodar, my hometown

Акулинина Юлия Сергеевна
г. Краснодар, МБОУСОШ №78 , 10 «Б» класс.
Учитель – Александрова Светлана Олеговна

Увлекаюсь физикой, экономикой, иностранными языками.

I think my hometown where I was born and spent my childhood. This is Krasnodar. Krasnodar is my little world with my dear family. So, I remember my granny took me to the kindergarten and to shorten the path we were walking with her to the Moskovskaya Street between big houses. Immediately after our 9-story house was a huge wheat field. There are many living block now. For 10 years the face of our city has changed .The city authorities are building new buildings, refurbish monuments and establish new ones as well. One of the most famous monuments of our city is a monument to Catherine II, who granted the land Cassocks. Our city is very beautiful and green. In summer you can see many flowers, which adorn all the main streets of Krasnodar. Probably, the main values of the city are parks. I live near the park «Chistyakovskaya Grove». This is a very well-kept grove. We walk here with my friends on holidays, running in the morning, roller blending, playing with our younger brothers and sisters and eat delicious big ice-cream. It is cool! And we buy books for our school every year here because there is book-market, too. It has become part of our lives. We can say that people who live in one area, study together, and have almost the same lifestyle. So, I am sure the most of my classmates in the hot summer days still bathed in the fountains of our grove. It brings us together, binds us together the history of our city, too. So, in the lower grades our teachers with us always went to the memorial to victims of Nazi occupation and we bought carnations. Each time, listening to horror stories about using gas chambers in our city we froze. I love my city, I consider it my little home, and I want my children have spent peaceful childhood as we do.


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