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Krasnodar, interesting facts

Бугара Лилия Александровна
г. Краснодар МБОУ СОШ№78,10 «А»

Увлекаюсь танцами, английским языком

Everyone has its own homeland. But I don`t know anybody who doesn`t love the place of his birth. I think, that even if we don`t like the country or the town where we were born, we a strong connection with our native home. And it will always have a place in our hearts. I was born and live in Krasnodar. It is a city situated in the south of Russian Federation; it is the biggest city in comparison with the others in our region. Krasnodar is a famous tourist attraction. A lot of people come here every year to work, to relax or to have fan. As our city is the largest in the region, we have many museums, monuments and places to visit. Krasnodar was founded in 1793 and it was the gift from Empress Catherine II to Kuban Cossacks. Our city and land around it has a big and interesting history. Many famous Russian people visited it, as Gorky, Tolstoy and Lermontov. During the Great Patriotic war Krasnodar was occupied by fascist invaders, but in the February 1943 was saved from German soldiers. Many monuments in the central street show great history of this land. They are the monument of Cossack on the horse, the monument of Catherine II or Triumphal arch.
As Krasnodar is situated in the south of the country and the climate is warm and comfortable, there are many youth movements in the city. These groups of young people work as volonteers take part in the different competitions all over the country. In surroundings of the city there are many camps, where teenagers from all Russia come to spend their vocation.
Krasnodar is proud of its history, this why during summer and autumn a lot of festivals and holidays are held in central streets and squares. The birthday of our city is always held on the last weekend of September. These two days are the holidays for all workers the city is decorated for its birthday; it is very clear, clean and looks happy, friendly and attractive.
I love my city very much. There will always be a big place in my heart for it as it is my place of birth, my motherland. I love you, Krasnodar!


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