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Krasnodar, my native land

Лопухова Анна Олеговна
г. Краснодар, МБОУ СОШ№78, 10 №78, 10 «А»

Увлекаюсь танцами, художественной гимнастикой

Everybody in every place of the world has its own native land. It can be a house or the whole town. Motherland for everyone is different. But all people in the world love the place where they were born.
As for me, I was born in a big city. It is called Krasnodar and it is situated in the south of our country. It is the capital of Krasnodar region, the population of the city is over 700.000 people. The climate is very warm, in summer it can be too hot, and the temperature rises over 40 degrees! But I love a lot my city, because it is my motherland.
There a lot of interesting and amusing places in our city. It is very green and one of the cleanest Russian cities. There are trees, bushes and flowers everywhere. And also Krasnodar is famous for its monuments. There are a lot of them; one of the most popular is a little monument for two dogs. One of these dogs holds a hat in its paw and it is believed that if you put your head in this hat you will have a lot of luck. Also a river, called Kuban flows through my city. It is rather large and in summer children like to swim in it, as we have many sandy beaches. But not only beaches surround this flow. In Krasnodar there are beautiful and amazing embankments. Along through embankments you can find benches, situated in the shadow of big trees, different kinds of flowers bike paths. As our city is very sunny, people like a lot to walk on embankments.
But Krasnodar is full not only with sightseeing in fresh air. As it is a big modern city, we have a lot of malls, shops, trade centers and entertainment centers where people like to spend time in winter.
Krasnodar is a very friendly city. Many tourists visit it every year. Once you come to Krasnodar, you will always love it. A lot of sun, fresh and green air makes people to feel better and relax from everyday routine. Come and visit my city once, you will never be upset!


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