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Ryazan Oblast

Пинясова Юлия Викторовна
ОГБОУ «Специальная(коррекционная)
общеобразовательная школа №10»
Учитель английского языка

The cradle of the greatest poet…

Ryazan Oblast is the cradle of the Yesenin’s poetry. Sergei Yesenin is the famous and the greatest Russian lyrical poet. He was born in the beautiful village Konstantinovo. His thoughts started to grow in the Ryazan Province and firstly he “met” the rhyme here. The first love knocked in young boy’s heart here. The birch with “green braid and in white skirt” became his the best friend here.

Stands a birch-tree white,
Under snow in winter
Gleaming silver bright
On the fluffy branches
Sparkling in a row
Dangle pretty tassels
Of the purest snow.
There the birch in silence
Slumbers all day long
And the snow gleams brightly
In the golden sun.
And the dawn demurely
Going on its rounds
With a silver mantle.

Every Yesenin’s line, every Yesenin’s image is warm up by the feelings of son’s love to the homeland, to the Ryazan Oblast.

Land I love! Of stacks of sunshine
Locked in cosy pools I dream.
How I'd like to lose my bearings
In your symphonies of green.

The nature lives deep poetical life in Yesenin’s poems. That is so because he loved his cradle very much. Sergei Yesenin gave the flame of his heart and soul to Ryazan Oblast


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