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Betlitsa - the main town in Kuibishevsky County (District)

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МКОУ Бетлицкая СОШ

Наш посёлок является районным центром Куйбышевского района в калужской области. Бетлице всего 75 лет, но она имеет славную историю, прекрасных людей и очень красивую природу.

Our Motherland is rich in beautiful places. Our hometown Betlitsa is surely one of them. It’s the main town in Kuibishevsky County (District). Our County was founded on May 16, 1939. More than 9000 people live here. There is a version how Betlitsa got its name. The name «Betlitsa» descended due to an inattentive clerk who prepared maps for the railway. He wrote the letters «B» and «l» instead of letters «V» and «m» in the word «Vetmitsa». During the Great Patriotic war our County was occupied by the fascists. There’re a lot of monuments to the fierce battles that took place there. One of them is the symbol of Kuibishevsky County. It’s the Unknown Soldier Hill. During the Great Patriotic War one of the biggest Battles in Kaluga Region happened there. The Battle took place in September 1943. There were 18 men in the group commanded by Poroshin. The battle was fierce! Only 3 of those 18 remained alive. On October 16, 1966 an 8-meter monument to these heroes was set up on that hill. The relatives of those who died arrived to see the opening ceremony. The poet Matusovskii composed a song about the heroes of the battle. Five citizens of Kuibishevsky County are the Heroes of the Soviet Union.
Betlitsa was freed from German fascists on September 13, 1943. Since that time this day has been celebrated as the County Liberation Day. Our hometown is surrounded by beautiful countryside. One of them is the Birch Grove on the outskirts of Betlitsa. A legend even says that once upon a time a Greek lived in the place where Betlitsa is located nowadays. There were a lot of birches there. He liked the place very much and called it «Betlitsa» after the word «Berieza». We love our hometown dearly!


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