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EKATERINBURG, my home town

Sofronova Maria Alexandrovna
Grammar School 70
I am 11 years old, I study in the 5A form.

I was born in Ekaterinburg and I’m proud of it. Our city is famous for its historical and modern architectural monuments, old churches and majestic cathedrals, unusual big top of our circus and wonderful theatres. A big problem of our century is absence of children’s and teenager’s interest in the history of their home town. They are really into computers. Teenagers prefer social networks and computer games to learn about different sights. Extraordinary monument to computer key-board was built on the 5 of October in 2005 in our city. It is situated on the river-front of the Iset near the Gogol’s street. The author of this monument is Anatolii Vyatkin. He made this special project for «The long stories of Ekaterinburg» festival. This monument is really unusual for its form and large size. It is the true copy of computer key-board on a scale of one to thirty. It consists of 104 concrete keys, which weight is between 100 and 500 kilograms. Every key is a small bench. I was regretted about the loss of some keys in June of 2011.
All teenagers have already visited or learned about this monument. Many tourists from other cities and countries are going to see it. Students from Germany had the idea to buy this monument.
This attraction is not the official place of interest in our city. But it is described in many guide-books. Inhabitants of Ekaterinburg are proud of this monument. It is the part of 10 the most popular places of interest in our city. The computer key-board amazed me with its uniqueness and modernity. When you will visit our city, do not forget to see it!


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