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Architecture and museums of Ekaterinburg

Кочнева Мария Максимовна
Гимназия №70, 5 «В» класс

There are a lot of museums, historic Landmarks and architectural monuments in Ekaterinburg. You can visit many museums, for example Museum of Fine Arts, Regional Museum, History Museum of lapidary and jewelry, Urals Mineralogical Museum, Museum of the History of Ekaterinburg and many others. All museums are very interesting but my favorite museum is Museum of the History of photography. In this museum you can see many old and beautiful views of our city. This building is an architectural monument. The house was built in 1898 and there was a photo studio.
Other architectural monuments of the city are Opera Theatre, Farmstead Rastorguev-Kharitonov, City Dam Pond, Alexander-Nevsky Cathedral and many other. Town’s new theatre on Drovyannaya Square (Opera Theater) was built in 1910-1912. City Dam Pond is a part of an old factory in the centre of the city. Alexander-Nevsky Cathedral was built in 1814-1852, by architect M.P.Malahov. Farmstead Rastorguev-Kharitonov was built at the beginning of the 19th century, by architect M.P.Malahov. There is a beautiful and a big park in Farmstead Rastorguev-Kharitonov. All these buildings are marvelous and worth seeing.
One of the most beautiful and old buildings is Sevastyanov’s House. This Palace was built in the first quarter of the 19th century on the banks of the City pond formed by a dam on the Iset River. It looks like a palace from a fairytale. There are a lot of modern buildings in Ekaterinburg: Circus, Palace of Sports "Uralochka", Aqua Park "Limpopo" and others. The centre of the city is developing now. But not only the centre is growing. Many new residential areas are being built in the suburbs.


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