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Russia… Motherland…

МБОУ СОШ №1 г. Гороховец
Учитель Кривенко Ангелина Фёдоровна,
английский язык (высшая категория)
Ученик – 11 «А» класса Салапов Виктор

And only this thought makes the heart tremble and one can feel warmth in his soul. In the heart of Russia, in the centre of its European part, lies the Vladimir region – an amazing ancient land which has concentrated on its territory the significant part of the historic and cultural heritage of Russia, and whose unique appearance and beauty is striking for visitors from all parts of the world.
My native town Gorokhovets, which is of the same age as Moscow, is not a big city on the Klyazma river, situated on the border of Vladimir region, a keeper of Ancient and Civil Architecture. Picturesque hills, legendary forests, numerous rivers and lakes, unique vast fields – all these from a magnificent carpet, creating a symphony of nature's riches, which are in harmony with the beauty of the old Russia monuments of stone architecture. The stone chambers of the trade people of the 17-18th century, which repeat forms of wooden mansions and unique cult buildings, combined with the landscape represent a magnificent for its integrity ensemble.
Gorokhovets is truly considered to be the town-museum of civil architecture. More over it is famous for its most important ancient ensembles such as the Nikolsky Monastery, the Nunnery of Purification, Cathedral of the Annunciation, Cathedral of the Virgin of Kazan, Voskresenskaya church, Znamensky nunnery and seven dwelling houses of the 17-18th century. If you like our history, come to my town and admire the beauty of my native place.


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