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My native village is Lapominka

Вихрева Нина Борисовна, учитель английского языка МБОУ СОШ № 62 г. Архангельска Педагогический стаж – 20 лет

Имею большую семью: муж, сын и 4 дочери. Родилась в д. Лапоминка Приморского района Архангельской области. Люблю готовить, вязать, заниматься огородом (больше получаю моральное удовлетворение, чем большой урожай)

My native village is Lapominka, a place where the Northern Dvina joins the White Sea. The village is new (it started to be developed in the 30th of the last century), but the settlement is old. At the times of Peter I there was a place where the trade ships had customs examination. It was a place where ships could wait for good weather to start their way in the White Sea.
Being rich in the first half of the 20th century with producing meat, milk, vegetables, furs now Lapominka has only few local people and no organized agriculture. The village died but not the settlement. People from all parts of Russia spend their holidays in the native village. Those who live in Arkhangelsk try to visit Lapominka every weekend.
Strangers can say: swamps, storms, short summer can’t attract us. It’s a great mistake. Nothing can be compared with white nights, the sounds of birds trying to organize their nests on the nearest islands, the smell of grass, the crunch of snow, a very – very low sky with lots of stars. Even the muddy roads seem to be lovely when you realize that you are a part of that old house where you were born, a part of that grey village where neighbours living in the town help to survive the local ones who have no medical service and organized food trade.
Nothing can make us stay in town on weekends and on holidays. We, who were born their, will not let Lapominka die!


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