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The Sights of the Mitino District, Moscow

Ремнева Ирина Юрьевна - учитель английского языка
первой квалификационной категории
ГБОУ СОШ №1192 СЗАО, город Москва

I live and work in the Mitino district. Of course, the main sights of Moscow are situated in the center of the city. But there is something to see in the separate districts, too.
One of the most bright and meaningful sights of our district is the cathedral of Rozhdestva Khristova. It is situated on the territory of the village Rozhdestveno, which is located in the borders of the district. It is the most beautiful sample of architecture of the XIX century which was built on the money of the unknown almsgiver. After the Great October revolution this church, just like the most of other churches in Russia was not used according to its intended purpose and even began to molder. In 1992 the Orthodox community started the active reconstruction of the church building. Now the worships are held there and a lot of people visit it. There is a Sunday school, a charity mission which helps poor people. The Church-chapel of Saints Constantine and Helen in the Mitino district was built in honor of The Icon of the Mother of God Pochaevskaya. Blessing for its construction has been given by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Aleksey II. This beautiful, new Orthodox church is one of the well-known and visited monuments of wooden architecture in Moscow.
There are always fresh flowers and wreaths near the Memorial to the victims of the defence of Moscow during the Second World War. A lot of inhabitants come to the communal grave and the memorial monument every holiday. A beautiful, new landscape park in the Mitino district is worth to be mentioned. You will certainly fall in love with this treated and modern corner of nature!
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