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Ostrovsky Square

Щýрская Мария
Ученица 8 класса
Школа № 548
Учитель английского языка –
Марýшина Ольга Фёдоровна.

I live in a great city, northern capital of Russia - Saint Petersburg. My city is famous for its beauty. Saint Petersburg is a city of “white nights” and flap bridges. In Saint Petersburg you can see a lot of gorgeous places. Some of them have the world-wide fame, for instance: the Hermitage, the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Russian Museum and the Admiralty.
I would like to tell you about Ostrovsky Square. This square is named so in honor of a famous Russian playwright - Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky. He had never lived in our city, but his life was connected with Saint Petersburg. Many of his plays were published in magazines of Saint Petersburg. The Alexandrinsky Theatre, one of the oldest theatres of Saint Petersburg, staged many plays, written by Ostrovsky. Ostrovsky Square is situated in the historical centre of the city. Nevsky Prospect, Rossi Street, Malaya Sadovaya Street and Krylov lane meet there. In the centre of the Square you can see a wonderful monument to Catherine the Second. She is surrounded by her favourites, outstanding Russian people who made a great contribution to the history of Russia.
I visit Ostrovsky Square every week. During summer it looks bright and blooming, in winter - mysterious and stiff. I prefer this square in winter. There is usually a New Year funfair in January. I can feel the atmosphere of this bright holiday. The square is illuminated with multi-coloured lights. People buy presents and souvenirs for their nearest and dearest. Every day during winter holidays you can see fine performances there. Many children and parents take part in these funny activities.
I love my city and recommend all people to visit it at least once in life. As people say if a man has never been to Saint Petersburg he has been nowhere.


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