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Kiritsy, the Place on the Map

My name is Victor Manenkov.
I am 16 years old.
I study in the 11th form of school №3
in Shilovo (Ryazan region).

This year I’ll go to the musical college, because I am interested in music and play the trumpet. I’ll take the exams in Maths, Russian and Literature. My grandparents live in Kiritsy, I like this place and decided to tell about it.

Kiritsy is a big village situated not far from Ryazan. It takes about an hour to come here. The road Moscow — Samara passes through the village and crosses a small river Kiritsa, which looks like a lake, beautiful and calm. Drivers always stop here for a rest on their long way to and from Moscow. There is a cafe, a small market and a place for bathing in the river in summer and a good place for winter fishing in winter. The road now became too narrow and the bridge is too small. Sometimes there are even traffic jams in Kiritsy! The new part of the road is said to be build north to the village. The detour is likely to run through the forest.
This village is famous for the fairytale castle, standing on the long hill, covered with forest. The castle was designed by the Russian architect Fedor Shehtel for the rich landowner Sergey Fon Derviz. The style of the building is very unusual: many towers, windows, balconies, sculptures, bridges, unique details and rich decorations can’t be seen anywhere else, even in Shehtel’s works. Rose gardens, a number of fountains and the system of ponds doesn’t exist now, but one can imagine how beautiful was the huge park around the castle. The castle and it’s territory now is home to the children’s sanatorium. The climate here is good: fresh forest air helps weak children get well. The streets in Kiritsy are not long.
The houses in Kiritsy are not big, each for one family. The usual pastime for the citizens is gardening, fishing, going to the forest for mushrooms and berries.
There is also a school, a post office, a club (situated in the old church), a hospital and a number of shops in the village. People are interesting, talented, hardworking and friendly. In the center of the village there is a monument to the soldiers of the World War II.


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