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Грипас Надежда Олеговна

I am Nadezhda Gripas. A seventeen-year-old student in my final year of school № 12. I am greatly fond of English so as theatre, dancing. But I really do love my town and I was greatly proud when I learnt my town had been awarded the title of the city of Military Glory. It’s our mayor N. Fedyanin who followed the heroic past of our town and proved that Taganrog deserved this title. The thing is that its rise and development are closely connected with the great and dramatic history of the Russian Empire with its century-long struggle for the access to southern seas.
Then as far back as the Crimea War there were the facts of heroism of the town defenders: the cassacks, the town’s militia, the church men and even women. To commemorate their heroic deeds the emperor Alexander the II conferred Taganrog a letter missive for the fact that “Free sons of riffles dedicated their lives to the defense of orthodoxy and Russian nation. Peaceful citizens turned away and beated back the enemy. For it We Alexander the II render our heartful acknowledgement, August 26 1856”.
Taganrog was under German occupation May-August 1918. In august Don Cassacks, Red Army troops with Red Guards entered the city and defeated the white Russians. The Soviet power was set up in Taganrog. The acts of courage and faithfulness, bravery and selfness were shown by the citizens of our town during the World War Second. Taganrog was occupied by German invaders and suffered extensive damage, starvation and fascist’s cruelties. The members of underground organization under the leadership of Morozov, Afonov gave their lives for our motherland for Taganrog. It was the only organization on the territory of Russia. Their heroic deeds were described by G. Gofman in his book “Heroes of Taganrog“. To honor the exploits of our compatriots the memorial complex in Sambek was set up.
And now the honorary monument must be erected in our town because we desenders of great winners must remember and never forget with what price our happy, peaceful life and freedom were obtained.


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