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Titovskaya hill

Учитель: Михайлова Лариса Юрьевна
Учитель английского языка
МБОУ «Многопрофильная гимназия №12 города Читы»
Забайкальский край
Chita is surrounded by many mountains and hills. One of the most famous is Titovskaya hill. It is very unusual because it has two summits: north - east and south - west. The gully between them is called “The dell of shot” in honour of revolutionaries shot by the Russian tsar in 1906. The hill has the name of a small village by its foot. Before the appearance of this village the hill was called Chitinskaya. The Siberian Kazaks met the Russian tsar Nikolai at the foot of this hill.
Nowadays there is a small chapel of Alexander Nevskiy, a café and a big viewing platform. A wonderful view of the city is seen from this hill. Every week tens of weddings come here to enjoy the view, put the candle in the chapel and hang a lock of love. At night the chapel is lighted and everybody can see it from almost each point of the city.
Scientists think that the history of Chita takes roots from this hill. Titovskaya hill is a former volcano. It was formed about one million years ago. It is 632 m high. Besides this hill is a stratovolcano. In 1960-63 years tusks of mammoth and a camp of a prehistoric man and in 1967 the teeth of a bison were found there. Some excavations were organized by students of the Geological University of Chita. In 1991 a student of the Mining Faculty I.V. Kotelnikov found and collected many horse’s teeth. Nowadays Titovskaya hill is a main geological and historical object in Zabaikalye. A lot of tourists and locals like to visit it because they cam see each corner of the city from this hill. The hill is one of the most favourite places for different picnics and other activities. If you were in Chita and didn’t visit the Titovskaya hill you didn’t see our city.


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