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Climatic conditions in Surgut

Полеенко Дарья Олеговна

Родилась в Сургуте, интересуюсь языками, хочу побывать во всех уголках мира.

Surgut. It means so much for each of its citizen and so little for other people. Some dozens years ago Surgut was considered to be one of northern provinces. And for some European countries it was a village with lots of sleds pulled by dogs. The image of Surgut has changed and has been changing since the oil boom of the late 60s. But hard climate and unfavourable conditions for people’s health remain unchangeable.
For a newcomer it is difficult to adapt to cold weather. Sometimes winter frosts can reach anomalous levels. Surgut people say, "we’ve got nine months winter”. Indeed, most of the year the sky is covered with clouds. When it is too frosty it’s difficult to breathe. Only schoolchildren are glad to have a frosty day for they are allowed not to go to school. We wear warm clothes most of the year! Summers here are short. There’s a joke, “Do you remember summer? – Oh, no, I was working that day”. Besides it often rains here and sunny days are few. As a result people do not have enough vitamin D.
Another bad thing for health is lack of oxygen because Surgut is surrounded by swamps and marshes. It weakens people’s immune system, especially it is dangerous for children. That’s why, I think, we’ve got a tradition of leaving the town for summer. People prefer spending summers somewhere outside Surgut to restore and strengthen health.
There is one thing, I believe, that all our citizens admire, it’s white nights. They look so unusual and it is a good compensation for long dark winter days.
For those who were born here such climate is not frightening because we are accustomed to it. Besides, there are a lot of interesting things and activities for people of all ages as Surgut is a modern and developing town of Siberia. Come and see yourselves, You are sure to like it!


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