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Orthodox Surgut

Арефьева Анастасия Николаевна
Ученица 10А класса

Родилась 7 января в праздник Рождества, живу в Сургуте, самом родном и красивом городе Сибири.

Surgut is a multi-ethnic town. I want to tell you about orthodoxy in my native town. Why? First, because I was born on January 7, on Christmas. Besides, nowadays people lack kindness and compassion, prefer material benefits. But in Surgut being in the temple I see quite a lot of young people and it's great!
There are several churches in Surgut. The main one is Christ’s Transfiguration Cathedral. It is really overcrowded on Christian holidays. There are also St. Nicholas’s and St. Luke’s Cathedrals and the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin. Some citizens send their children to orthodox Sunday schools. There is a gymnasium at the main Cathedral. Pupils get full education there and learn some special religious and spiritual subjects.
And we shouldn’t forget about some beautiful traditions. Let’s take Easter. A lot of people gather in the yard near Cathedrals with baskets full of colored eggs, Easter cakes and other tasty things. They look friendly and happy.. Another tradition is celebrating of Ivan Cupola’s night. We go out to the forest, make a small campfire, sing songs and bathe in the river. In winter we’ve got Epiphany. On this day a lot of people, young and old, even children in spite of heavy frost dive in the Ob ice holes and in the fonts made near Cathedrals. Three times to plunge into the icy water…It's really wonderful!!! I’m not a religious fanatic and we respect all traditions. But I believe that people who go to the church are kinder, more tolerant and happier. And I want Surgut to be the place where happy people live.


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