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Native people of Ugra

Шаяхметова Юлия Радиковна
МБОУ СОШ №15, г. Сургут, 10 класс

Я родилась в этом северном городе, очень его люблю, интересуюсь культурой местных народностей и с уважением отношусь к их традициям.

Ugra is a vast territory covered by forests, swamps, lakes. It belongs to the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous region. It will take you a lot of time to describe it. I’d like to talk about its native people.. Khanty and Mansi have been living on this land for a long time. They have their own customs and traditions. Also they are famous for traditional clothes of indescribable beauty, musical instruments and food. I think it’ll be interesting for you to know that the language of the Khanty people does not have the word "love". Instead of the word "love" they use "need", "suitable for heart".
Not less interesting is their attitude to human body. For example, you mustn’t touch the head and plait two braids. The Khanty have a table etiquette. The older male relatives are responsible for organizing the feast. They distribute food and pass wine. Food is served in a special order. First, fresh-frozen fish comes, then meat and hot tea. During the meal no one should stand up and leave the house. They use animal skins to make clothes. Just imagine people can sleep in the snow! Women decorate clothes with pieces of drapery. The name of one of their musical instruments is translated as "singing tree." This musical instrument has the shape of a boat. Children are taught to play this instrument in the Khanty-Mansi Pedagogical College.
There is another interesting festival called the Bear Festival. It is based on the idea of communication of relatives. The bear is considered to be a guarantor of justice. "Bear oath" on the bear’s paw is widespread. The bear is believed to punish the person who breaks the oath. I think Ugra is a unique place with a really interesting history. I’m lucky to live here. If I ever have to leave my home the memories will always be with me.


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