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Tula “The Museum of Samovars”

Мильшина Полина Дмитриевна
ГБОУ СОШ №793 города Москвы
Ученица 7 «А»
Учитель Золототрубова Татьяна Александровна

Some years ago I visited this old Russian city where my friends live. They took me to a famous museum where I saw a lot of samovars. I want other children to see its gorgeous collection, so I decided to share my impressions and information I learned there.

The museum was opened in 1990 on Mendeleev Street next to the Kremlin. In the museum there is a big collection of samovars which have been collected for many years. All exhibits are demonstrated in three halls. The samovars are really fascinating. They have different shapes. You can see samovars in the form of vases, cups, cubs. They were made for different purposes.
In the first two halls we can see samovars of XVII-XIX centuries. There are samovars made on the first factory which started to produce samovars in Tula. In this hall it is possible to see medals which were awarded to Russian samovars at the world fairs in Paris, Chicago and London.
In the third hall there are samovars of factory Stamp. Nowadays it is a unique factory in Tula which produces samovars. Among them we can find both traditional and electric ones. You will nowhere else see such a rich collection of samovars, so come and enjoy.


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