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Georgievsk . Stavropol Region.

Купцов Александр Олегович
7-б ГБОУ СОШ № 553 Санкт Петербург
Учитель: Григорьева Екатерина Юрьевна

My name is Sasha. I’m from Saint Petersburg. I love my native city with all my heart but now I want to tell you about a small town in the south of our country which is so dear to me. Though it’s not my birthplace I feel a great affection to this town. Georgievsk is my mother`s native town. It’s a place where my grandparents and close relatives live. Every summer I enjoy spending time there. Georgievsk is a small town but with great history. It got its name after St George, the patron saint of the town. Georgievsk was founded in 1777 as a fortress in Azovo- Mozdokskaya frontier line. For a long time it was the most important fortress which was to defend the southern border of Russia. In 19th century the town was a famous merchant centre where the largest (in the Caucasus) fairs were held. The very important Treaty of Georgievsk between the Russian Empire and Georgia was signed in Georgievsk too.
Georgievsk is situated on the hill on the Podkumok River. It is surrounded by splendid fields and steppes. Every summer I enjoy watching the fields of golden wheat and yellow sunflowers, fields of bright flowers: blue bells, buttercups, forget- me -nots…. And the views of the mountains Mashuk, Beshtau add to the beauty of my town. Just imagine! In fine weather you can even see the tops of Elbrus. People in Georgievsk are friendly and hospitable. Also they are open -hearted and sympathetic. They don’t forget about those who were killed during the Great Patriotic War defending our country. There are always flowers at the foot of war memorials and at the eternal fire where one can see the names of the citizens of Georgievsk who gave their lives for our Motherland , among them is my great grandfather`s name. I’m so proud of him.
Georgievsk is a paradise for children in summer. The weather is always sunny and hot in Georgievsk. I can spend a lot of time outdoors playing with friends, climbing the trees, swimming in the lake or in the river, sunbathing, walking in the forests. You can enjoy fruits: plums, pears, apples, apricots, cherries. These trees are growing just in the streets. That’s wonderful! Georgievsk is a place where I always feel happy. I advise you to visit Georgievsk!


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