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Sakhalin Island

Им Виктория 11 «A» класс
МБОУ «Средняя общеобразовательная школа №2 г. Макарова»
Сахалинской области
Учитель: Пакшина Ирина Борисовна

Sakhalin is one of the most wonderful and beautiful places in our great country. Here, on Sakhalin, the climate is original. Snow lies till the end of April, but spring warm we can feel in February. Summer begins nearly at the end of June and makes glad all September. Mild colourful Autumn charms everyone and winter drives mad by powerful winds and immense mass of snow. I love my island for its magnificent nature, for its rivers, fields. meadows which are endless. It is so nice to get up early in the morning, come out and breath in clean fresh air...It is calm and peace around and you understand, if you were somewhere your heart would belong to the place you was born and grew up. There is even remarkable legend of Sakhalin and Kuril islands. I would like to retell it.
Once upon a time, when all the world was ruled by mighty giants, the most powerful among them was Magok, He had a beautiful daughter Kurila, who was loved by him. Kurila fell in love with fearless warrior Sakhalin. But Magok was against their love, so they had nothing but ran away . They hid in the deep ocean, at the bottom. Magok had been storming for a long time, but he could not find his favourite daughter. By the time everybody forgot this story. Sakhalin and Kurila became parents for their daughter Keta. In three years they forgot about dangerous and came up to the surface of the ocean so that to show sunshine to their daughter. When Magok saw rebellious young people he became furious. He threw lightning in Sakhalin's heart. But Kurila defenced her lover and the lightning broke her body into twelve pieces. Sakhalin's grief was endless. Days and nights he spent all the time near his lost lover. So he stands in the ocean nowdays. Every year beautiful girl Keta swims to her parents and Kurila. Her body is covered by silver scales, which shine in beam of sun rising in the east. In that places one says that volcanic eruptions are Kurila's tears. The tears about lost love.


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