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The person without the Native lands that a nightingale without a song

Шокин Алексей Александрович
МБОУ СОШ с.Первомайское
Ровенского района Саратовской области

Я ученик 6 класса, увлекаюсь шахматами, английским языком, историей, программированием. В будущем хотел бы стать программистом или тренером по шахматам.

The person without the Native lands that a nightingale without a song. Saratov-my small native land. Sense the childhood I breathe its natural air and enjoy smells which it is different still where to meet.
In the city of Saratov at me is favorite and lovely to plase heart : victory Park on a grif Sokolovoe the Planetarium coats of the great river of Volga the Saratov circus Chess club. The most pleasant moments of my life are connected with their places . in park of victory happen every year I like to adjoin to history of my Native land. Last summer I was the participant of chess tournament in won against it but it was class! Stay in circus delivers mane positive emotions pleasure I also have leaned that the Saratov circus – the native land of the Russian circus which was created by brothers of Niketiny in 1873. And also it was interesting to me to learn about the Saratov conservatory after all in the fist in Russia and has been opened in October 1912 . the Saratov conservatory .one of the oldest creative scientitic educational centers of Russia .it is fine to adjoin to great music of known composers.
Saratov was the native land for many outstanding people N.G.Chernyshevsky ,A. Radishev ,N. Palkin ,Petrov –Vodkin and many other things. Saratov when. has accepted with J.A. Gagarin love which has subdued the Saratov sky having finished SYAZ I want to tell “how many wouldn’t white about Saratov all be a little” Some well be something new or old that well fill up our history the natural and soul.
When I will nice surely create for the blessing of the small native land. After all that enjoy to earth it is necessary to do all with love. Live and prosper our city of Saratov!!!


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