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Devil’s Bridge

Махмуд Ханан, ученица 8а класса ГБОУ СОШ № 477
Пушкинского района города Санкт-Петербурга
(учитель Файт Лариса Викторовна)

There are a lot of picturesque views and interesting places in Russia. One of the most unusual spots is Devil’s Bridge. It is situated in Tverskaya region near the village Vasilevo.
The design of the bridge is unique. It is made up of big stones without any special fixing. It is strongly kept in its position thanks to the central stone and due to the weight of all the stones. The bridge was built by an architect Nikolay Lvov at the end of the XVIII century. There are different versions about its name “Chyortov Most” (Devil’s Bridge). According to one of them it is called Chyortov (Devils) as there are thirteen stones in the fence around the bridge. The bridge consists of five arcs. It is similar to famous Devil’s Bridge in Alps along which the Russian generalissimo A.V. Suvorov led his army. The Devil’s Bridge in Vasilevo is known not only because of its size and unique construction. The scene of the battle from the film “The Night Watch” was shot there.
The bridge has been restored now and you can have a pleasure of watching it in excellent condition. I advise you to visit this wonderful place. You will be surprised by skillful work of Russian masters.


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