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My favourite place in Russia

Государственное общеобразовательное учреждение
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«Образовательный комплекс Малая Охта»
Ученица 8 класса П
Соколова Алина Владиславовна

I would like to tell about my favourite place in Russia - Saint Petersburg. I was born in this city! I am proud that I live in this city. In Saint Petersburg there are lot of picturesque parks, avenues, delightful architecture. Although this city is relatively young, only 309 years, I can be compared with world capitals like London, Rome, Paris. There is a famous river Neva which is a symbol of our city with a lot of beautiful bridges. Our city has a nickname the ‘North Venice’. For example in Saint-Petersburg there are 365 bridges and in Venice there are 400. Saint Petersburg was built on a bog. Here is a very damp climate and on the average there are only 70 sunny days for all city. But this is does not do for the impression of visitors about our city. In Petersburg there are about 200 museums. The oldest one was built - 1704 year, it is the Summer garden. Is it a delightful place where you can see in her you possible to see the monument of I.A.Krylov and many sculptures of antiquity. Same new museums are founded in 2010, among them the Museum of modern art of Erart; the gallery is the "Petersburg center of arts" and many others. We have many monuments - 5830.so, which can`t be to missed. That is a short review about our city.
As I am teenager my life and interests are about music, films and other interesting events and if you want to enjoy them, Saint-Petersburg is a place which is enriched with them. Every year the great events in Saint Petersburg passes, such as Urbania and Sensation. Many stars from all over the world arrive to us with concerts. I was on a concert of Linkin Park. This was a very great event. In my head there were a lot of emotions. I was delighted.
So, if you want to visit my city you can not only be pleased with it is sightseeings and cultural life, but also you can find different ways of entertainment for people in different ages.


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