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Saint Petersburg, The Dmitry Mendeleev museum

Новицкая Дарья
ученица 8 класса
ГБОУ гимназия № 628
«Александринская гимназия»
города Санкт-Петербурга.
Учитель Чернецова Елена Владимировна

My name is Daria, I am 15 years old and I live in a wonderful city of Saint Petersburg. There are a lot of places of interest in our city. I would like to tell you about the Dmitry Mendeleyev museum.

This museum is located in the main building of the St. Petersburg State University and it illustrates Mendeleev’s life and work in detail. Mendeleyev lived there from 1865 to 1890 and during that time he was a professor at the university.
Considerable attention is devoted to his discovery of the periodic law of the elements. His cosy study has been lovingly preserved and you can see his desk (where he always stood rather than sat) and some early drafts of the periodic table. There you get a clear impression of the surroundings in which Mendeleyev worked. On the desk in the middle of the study you can see various personal belongings including Mendeleev’s pen, inkwell, paperweight, tobacco pouch, glasses and an ashtray. There are a great amount of unpublished archive materials with original plans, charts and tables. You can see the equipment from his laboratory including a barometer and a pair of two-tier scales for weighing both solid and gaseous substances. These pieces of apparatus were designed by Mendeleyev. The library contains about 20,000 books. The museum also has a collection of painting copies collected by Mendeleev and completely reflects his scientific, public and political interests. The scholar's personal archive with manuscripts, letters, and diaries counts over 16,000 items.
A visit to this museum evokes an appreciation for all of Mendeleev’s interests in one small space.


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