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Pushkin, the Lyceum garden

Кондратьев Алексей
Школа №477 8Б класс
Пушкинского района города Санкт-Петербурга
Учитель: Файт Лариса Викторовна.

I live in the town of Pushkin not far from Saint-Petersburg. It has got many places of interests. One of them is the Lyceum where A. S. Pushkin studied. There is a garden near the Lyceum. The Lyceum garden is my favourite place in Tsarskoye Selo. Actually, it is a small square which is situated not far from Lyceum of Tsarskoye Selo and the Church of the Holy Sign. There is a monument to Pushkin in the centre of the square. The monument was built in 1900 to honour the poet’s 100th birthday. Every year on the first Sunday of June a celebration of foundation of Lyceum takes place near the monument. During these holidays a lot of descendants of the great poet visit this memorable place. These people are quite known nowadays: they are writers, artists, actors. Also some concerts are arranged in the garden and the monument is buried in flowers.
The Lyceum garden is visited by thousands of people, who come from different cities and even from other countries. The famous monument became a “calling card” of the town of Pushkin many years ago. This place is also usually visited by newly married couples to take memorable pictures and lay some flowers.
I like this nice place. Everything is full of poetic aura of Pushkin here.


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