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Anichkov Palace

School №548, form 5v

I love Russia very much, and still I very much like to visit museums, palaces and its other sights! I want to tell you about one of them, it is Anichkov palace. I was twice in it and consequently have remembered much all! Once at visiting, I saw a very unusual excursion. I was given the guidebook to a task palace in which I should go on halls and answer different questions it was very fascinating and interesting! Then I was learned a lot of new about Anichkov palace, and for my works I have won a prize! In 1710 distribution of the ground areas on river banks of Fontanka for construction of country court yard was begun. Anton Dewier managed a site on which subsequently, Anichkov palace was settled down. In 1727 he was arrested and sent to Siberia. Its site was confiscated. And after it he sold these lands to Elizabeth Petrovne, Peter I daughter. The first stone palace - Anichkov was constructed. When Elizabeth signed the decree about palace construction, on opposite coast the border of a city settled down and near to it there was a suburban settlement. Among those who their lodged, there were soldiers of the Admiralty battalion under sending of the officer of M.Anichkov. By the time of construction of the officer M.Anichkov any more wasn't in live. But its surname remained forever in the history of our city. The last in XX century this Palace was received by the Leningrad boys and little girls. This building for us is surprising that is the original palace of the XVIII-th century which practically didn’t suffer in days of the Great Patriotic War. On German cards it appeared under № 192 as "the Palace of young Bolsheviks" and was liable to destruction. However the destiny stored it. Now this palace is called the Palace of creativity of young. People very much love this palace and I try to visit him more often! I am proud that I live in St.-Petersburg!


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