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Forgotten pages from history of Ryazan

Ужова Анастасия Владимировна
Ученица 7 «А» класса
МБОУ СОШ №16 города Рязани
Учитель: В.В. Ладейщиков

In the history of each town there are forgotten pages which many people don’t remember or don’t know. “What was there or here thirty, fifty, hundred years ago?”
But there are many interesting places in Ryazan. And only native people can tell you about them. From my grandfather Vasily, I have learnt that there was a narrow – gauge railway in Ryazan. It connected our town to Vladimir. Its route lay through picturesque large forest of Meshchyery. The road named “a green branch” between people.
“Passengers with luggage sat on platforms – things didn’t get into the car”, said my grandfather in 1937 he went on this road to the station “Solotcha”. In 1960 there were diesel locomotives and comfortable cars. “The green branch” served people for many years, transporting various goods and inhabitants of the neighbor villages. Nowadays you can see only the rests of this road.
The history of Central Park isn’t less interesting. For a long time the park was named after G.V.Rumin, Ryazan businessman. In 1790 he bought a country ground covered with forests and the river Lybed . Then Rumin blocked the river and formed the deep pond for guests with boating and fishing. On the bank of the pond there was a summer house and small textile factory.
Later, on the bank of the pond were organized Rumin city races “Ryuminsky race” and were held up to 1950. People should know history of the city, where they live and love it. And then the world round us will change only to the best.


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