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Magnificent places of Rostov region

Попов Никита Михайлович, 8 класс
МБОУ гимназия №12
г Каменск-Шахтинский
Учитель англ.языка
Попова Татьяна Анатольевна

I live in Rostov region. And there are many magnificent places there. My big family (I have 3 brothers and parents) like to travel very much. Near our town there is a small village Pogorelov on the bank river the Kalitva. More than 10 000 persons gather to visit exhibitions-fairs of national creativity, to participate in festivals and entertaining actions, and as to become witnesses of the most interesting event of a holiday - reconstruction of fight of a team of prince Igor Novgorod-Seversky with an army of khan Konchaka, rampart storm where wild polovtsy and brave rusichy, participants of military-historical clubs represent. There are some interesting monuments here. Last year it was opened the Memorable sign of the Russian-Belorussian friendship «Prophetic Bojan». You can see the book an the cross.
Here there was also an opening of children's small town in style of 12 centuries. About two o'clock in the afternoon it had been declared the beginning of fight of a team of prince Igor Novgorod-Seversky with an army of khan Konchaka, rampart storm.
When rusichi broke polovtcy the people again began to gather at the stages. We and all people could see demonstration performances of military-historical clubs, children's festival of creative collectives,festival of national cultures «Kajalsky spring» took place. And in intervals it was small competitions of kites. It was so exciting. If you would have opportunity, come and see it in May in 2012


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