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The hostory of Rostov circus

Пшеничная Дарья Сергеевна
МГОУ гимназия №52

Hello!I have been learning English for 9 years and would like to tell you some words about Rostov circus. In our city there are many different beautiful, colorful and interesting places, and I am most attracted our local circus. The first summer circus "Shapito" was in that place where now stands the hotel "Intourist".

Citizens have expressed great love for circus performances, so it was a summer circus in Krasnoarmeyskaya Street. Next was a circus-shifting "Shapito". It was located in the courtyard of the Officers, in place of the cafe "Golden Spike". Then circus existed prior to the opening of the Rostov winter circus. It was near Pioneers House. In 1957 it completed the construction of the Rostov winter circus, and on August 1, with the opening of the first season, a new circus history in our city began.
Until 1995, the circus was going through a difficult period of history. This lack of funds, because of which had to clean up a lot of classic circus acts, the lack of spectator. But the bad ends sooner or later. Since 1995, the circus began to get out of difficulties and problems. Since 1997, here are the best actors of "Russian circus." This allows at least partially restore a permanent audience. At this point the viewer submission visited constantly and with great interest. Now the circus once a week provides an opportunity to come to the representation of poor categories of citizens, pensioners, war veterans, soldiers-internationalists. Regularly children from boarding schools and orphanages, the soldiers of military units of our city are invited to see the permit mances.
I am happy to cite in such a beautiful city!


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