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Ситтигуллина Адиля Рафилевна
МОУ - Староузюмская средняя общеобразовательная школа
Атнинского муниципального района Республики Татарстан
Учитель: Гараева Дильбар Фирдинатовна

I decided take a walk through the streets of my native village where was born and lived. A warm spring day, I chose my friend and lead him unhurried conversation.
- How many of you are aware of days, my village?
-How childish feet trample your way?
Motherland – is a place where you were born, where you made your first steps. You went to school, find true friends. And this is the place where a man became Man, learned to distinguish good from bad, to love, which first heard the kind words and song ... May be this place is usual and uninteresting for other people, but for you it is the dearest place in the world.. It`s your native home place, the land, where you were born, whose beauty you imbibed with your mother`s milk. One of such place is my native village.
The history of my village began in the 16th century. A long history, beautiful legends about the origin of its name, beautiful scenery around, a lot of beautiful buildings, especially constructed in recent years, the beautiful monuments of architecture, and probably in the first place - nice people make it more beautiful. From generation to generation, passed on the love of his native land. Some argue that the name of the villagecomes from the word of the Tatar word "hozhem", because in 1540-1542 there was a great slaughter between Mari and Tatars. From the word "hozhem" left"ozhem" and found the name of the village. Uzyum is small - only three streets, but it is very expensive. This is a beautiful and clean village, near which many ponds and lakes, linden alley, birch and popular groves.
I am proud to live in this village. I am glad that I am surrounded by good andhardworking people. And I know that as long as live born children and old people, my village is live!


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