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Nizhnekamsk, national holiday Sabantuy

Щепина Наталья Павловна.
10 «Ю» класс, МБОУ «Лицей №14», г.Нижнекамск.
Учитель: Валиуллина Диляра Дамировна.

Motherland - for every person this word contains something of his own, personal, special and something in common, more significant. We are given love to the country from the childhood by our parents and teachers. I was born in Tatarstan. Nizhnekamsk is my motherland.
Nizhnekamsk is a very beautiful and majestic town . There are broad avenues, tree-lined alleys, cozy squares. We don`t have many streets but all of them are different and each has its own face. There are a lot trees and flowers. At night the sight is especially impressive like the sea of lights.
I would like to tell you about the Tatar national holiday Sabantuy. It is a celebration of the plough (in tatar language “saban” means “plough” and ‘tuy” means “festival”).Sabantuy doesn’t have a set date. It takes place at the beginning of summer. First, the festivals are arranged in villages, followed by sabantuy in rural districts, and the final ones take place in major cities. Our grandparents told us about the history of this festival. People believed that owing to this festival they would have a good harvest. I have very happy memories of Sabantuy. Most of all I like the competitions, such as horse racing, race-in-sack, pillar-climbing, egg-in-spoon-in-mouth-racing, sacks-battle on the crossbar, pots crashing, finding a coin in a beverage made from sour milk. You can choose any competition you like. The Tatar wrestling is the main competition of Sabantuy. Wrestlers use towels and the arm to knock down the opponent. In our city all boys take part at this competition to find out their power. The winner becomes the hero of Sabantuy. The prizes for him are very expensive, like a TV-set or a car. But the main present is a sheep.
I am very proud of living in my town!


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