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Almetyevsk, the picturesque city

Газизуллина Алиса, 8В класс, Газизуллин Малик, 7в класс.
Учитель: Надиманова Айгуль Мизхатовна
Муниципальное бюджетное образовательное учреждение
«Гимназия №1 им. Ризы Фахретдина»
г. Альметьевска Республики Татарстан

I live in one of the youngest cities of the Tatarstan Republic. In a short period of time it has managed to become an important center of Russia’s oil industry. Almetyevsk is called as an oil capital of Tatarstan.
Almetyevsk is located in Zakamye, on slopes of the Bugulminskoe Belebeevsky height, on the left bank of the Zay - river. Maybe because of this it seems that the city is surrounded by majestic and massive mountains. Even, there is a legend, that ones upon a time it was a lake herу, but it has dried up.
Despite of oil industrial achievements, out city has very beautiful nature. For example, I live in a usual block of flats and my windows are looking at the wildlife places. Can you imagine that every morning when I wake up I can see a picturesque view: beautiful mountains, a lake with crystal shine and wild woods? And when I go out, I am in a usual city but with a lot green plantings. It is not necessary to go far to have a rest and take pleasure with the nature. I can easily reach to the water basin on foot. There people bath and arrange picnics.
In 2011 Almetyevsk received the status of one of the most arranged and comfortable Tatarstan’s cities. Every street is arranged well and there is no rubbish in the streets, any traffic jams. Almetyevsk is very cozy and comfortable, with his beautiful architecture and competent designing of streets and roads.
So, if you like beautiful views, welcome to our city.


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