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The village of Elniki, the Republic of Mordovia

Горюнова Мария Алексеевна
Учитель: Елисеева Ольга Николаевна
МБОУ «Лицей» с. Ельники
Ельниковского района
Республики Мордовия

Я учусь в 6 классе, очень люблю английский язык, горжусь своей малой родиной и ее людьми.

I live in the village of Elniki, the Republic of Mordovia. The village dates back to the XVII century and takes its name from the surrounding coniferous woods. My native place is very beautiful and it is a home for people of different nationalities. Russians, Mordovians, Tartars live peacefully here. They all keep their national traditions and respect customs of their neighbours. Sometimes they even follow other peoples’ traditions. So, in our district at Easter Eve the Tartars paint eggs and early in the morning they wait for children coming to their houses and give them treat. And in summer they welcome people from every corner of the district at their “Sabantuy”. Shrovetide, Whitsun are celebrated by everybody and everywhere in our place. But children in Elniki love the beginning of Christmas-tide most of all. On the 13 January, “Vasilyev Evening”, we put on costumes, paint our faces and go from house to house singing a carol and asking for pancakes and sweets. Nobody goes to sleep until midnight, there are funny games, contests and round dances at the New Year tree in the center of the village. These customs are dear to the heart of the villagers and they will live as long as the national spirit lives.


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