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Salavat Yulaev

Габдрахманова Юлия Ринатовна
МАОУ лицей №46
Ученица 7 класса
Касьянова Надежда Федоровна –
учитель английского языка

I am Yulya Gabdrahmanova. I live in Ufa. Ufa is my native town is a capital of Bashkortostan. The population is more than one million people. The nature is very beautiful. There are a lot of interesting places there. I am in the 7th form at the lyceum 46. I am 15 years old. I am sociable, independent, kind. I am a good student. I like English very much. My teacher Nadezhda Fedorovna Kasyanova helped me to do this work.

Salavat Yulaev is a national hero of the Bashkir people. He was born on the 16th of June in 1754. His father helped him to get his good education. Salavat knew Bashkir, Russian and Turkish. He wrote poems about his beautiful motherland. Salavat and his father fought for freedom of their people, tried to save religion and lived using their customs. A year and fifteen days Salavat was in the centre of the Peasant war (1773-1775). He took part with Emelyan Pugachev in many battles, saved his main army, his soldiers. On the 2nd of October in 1775 Salavat and his father were captured and became convicts. They were sent to Estonia to Rogervic. Salavat died on the 8th of October in 1800, 25 years later. The people of Bashkortostan remember Salavat Yulaev. He is a symbol of Bashkortostan. There is a town, a street, a monument to Salavat Yulaev in Bashkortostan.
Soslanbek Tavasiev, a famous sculptor, disigned a monument to Salavat Yulaev in 1967. The monument is unique, because its weight is 40 tons, its height is 9,8 metres. The monument to Salavat Yulaev is on the bank of the Agidel. It is a visiting card of Ufa.
We are proud of our national hero.


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