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The mystery of the tower Gremyachaya

Меня зовут Фомина Ангелина Алексеевна,
мне 16 лет, я живу в городе Пскове и учусь
в МОУ средней общеобразовательной школе №23 в 10 "А" классе.

И я бы очень хотела принять участие в конкурсе Интерактивная карта России!

Gremyachaya Mountain – is the one of the most beautiful places in the city of Pskov. At the same time the most mysterious. From the tower, which now called Gremyachaya is connected set of myths and legends.
One of them tells us that the tower is stored in the recesses of a rich treasure that was hidden from the enemy inhabitants of Pskov in ancient times.
There is also the story of an enchanted princess who slept in a deep sleep in deep dungeon, dressed in a gorgeous outfit. Countless treasures surrounded her bed. And believe it to wake up and bring her back to life could only be one brave soul that is pure heart and thoughts and will remain all the time from her grave for twelve days and nights, and do all promises, written by a cross head. Then it will rise up from centuries of sleep, be brave wife, and all the countless riches are their common heritage.
Many of the young and brave people were looking for is happiness. But none of them could not stand ordeal: an evil force threw them out of the hiding place of the tower, and they died without coming to consciousness.
Until now, the mountain attracts young Gremyachaya for romantic encounters.

  • the famous Trinity Cathedral
  • the famous Trinity Cathedral


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