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Pskov, native land

Дюранова Наталья Витальевна
Россия, г.Псков

There is nothing better and the most expensive in the world like Native Land. It gives us wings for flight, lights every our step. Pskov is my native city, where I have been living for 16 years.
Pskov is one of the oldest towns of Russia, first mentioned in 903. In middle Ages it was a prosperous city which could be compared to the great Novgorod and ranked among the largest towns of Europe; a German traveller in the 16th century counted 41,000 homes here and compared it to the city of Rome. Gradually it lost its independence and the last princes of Pskov were appointed by rulers of Moscow.As in other Old Russian towns one can find the Kremlin, the oldest part of the town with a beautiful Trinity cathedral originated in 1699. Built on the hill, 72 m high to the top of the cross, the cathedral can be seen at a distance of 35 km from Pskov.
The most important aspect of the ancient city’s heritage is the religious architecture. One can't help admiring the visit to Mirozhsky monastery, founded in 1156 by Nifont, archbishop of Novgorod and Pskov. The finest of the buildings to survive is Spaso-Preobrazhensky cathedral (1156), the oldest building in Pskov. In 1858 the interior, which for hundreds of years was plastered, was accidentally found to be decorated with wonderful 12-th century frescoes.Of special interest is the local museum, Pogankin House, named by the merchant that lived in the cambers in the late 17th century. The owner was the leading Pskov merchant, the manager of the city's Mint. The house is reminiscent of a small fortress. The small but interesting collection contains weapons, 13th-17th century jewellery, icons and old manuscripts, silver.

  • Kremlin
  • Mirozhsky monastery
  • Pogankin House


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