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My place is Shkotovo

Maksimova Dina Aleksandrovna
Secondary School # 1, Shkotovo, Primorsky Kray, Russia

Everyone has a place he belongs to. My place is located in one of the remotest parts of Russia near the Pacific Ocean. Named by the sea Capitan Nilolay Shcot the village is now 147 years old. Lying between low hills (“sopki” as we call them) my village is house and home for more than five thousand people. I may hope that this place is special for them too.
Even now when we are all tired of winter, snow-covered hills with deep emerald hedges of firtrees make one take a deep breath. Endless fields with long fringes of feather grass awake the craving to get on horseback and fly above the fields, along the icebound streams and rivers. When spring comes you can feel all the energy of nature. Life awakes from winter sleep in the first buds, grass emerging from the snow, flowers and butterflies appearing on the sunlit spots. The diversity of nature reveals itself day by day and gives the world its true face. In summer my village is sunk in the rich green. The energy of nature is easily reached before the sunrise when you fell (rather than actually see) the edge of the sun emerging from the manes of the hills.
But autumn is perhaps the most special. The sky is high, you can easily get lost in its tranquil azure depth marked with patches of clouds. The forest near the village is coloured with all the hues imaginable. The atmosphere is enchanting and walking along the sea or river you can see the sun and the sky reflected in the waters, thus the entire world around you is united and mirrored in your eyes. There are a lot of places in our country… just like in any other. But the only thing that makes the place of our birth a part and a parcel of what we are is our attitude.


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