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Omsk – the city where the victory was made

Шелковников Даниил 9-1 класс,
учитель английского языка Миляева Виктория Владимировна
БОУ «Лицей №143»

When you hear the word “Omsk” what images come to your mind? Maybe the powerful Irtysh River? Or such historic personalities as Ermak or Kolchak? You may even remember such famous actors as M. Ulyanov and L. Polischuk.
Omsk has a lot of things to be proud of, but I want to tell you about its heroic past, the impact my native city made on the great victory in the Second World War. Omsk is situated far from the western borders, so during the war over 100 plants and factories were evacuated here. The city became one of the biggest defensive centers in the Soviet Union.
Omsk produced everything: from wheat to tanks, from soldiers’ mittens to airplanes. Omsk citizens worked day and night for our victory. Omsk gave a lot to the battlefront, but the most precious were its people. During the Great Patriotic War, 287000 citizens of Omsk were sent to the forefront. 144000 of them found their death there. 240 of them were awarded with grade “Hero of the Soviet Union” and 35 of them became full suitors of medal of glory in third degrees.
Nowadays you can find a lot of streets named after the war heroes: lieutenant general Dmitry Karbyshev, major general Leonty Gurt’ev, woman tank driver Valentina Barkhatova, lieutenant junior grade Mikhail Laptev and many others. In our city you can see monuments to these people as well as memorial plaques and steles. Omsk is a city where you can find a monument to workers of the home front and a monument to the Mother, a real woman Anastasia Larionova, whose 7 sons were killed during the war.
Omsk is a modern city. But we remember our past and are proud of it.


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