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Botanical Garden

Хан Мария 7 а, Жоглик Владимир 6 а
МБОУ «Гимназия №5» Новосибирск,
учитель Соболева Екатерина Алексеевна

Botanical Garden is located near Novosibirsk Academgorodok and occupies an area of more than 1000 HA. There is a main laboratory building, a technical block, greenhouses, an experimental-industrial building, and other technical objects. Central Siberian Botanical Garden is a Center for integration of botanical and ecological studies in Siberia. There is the Council of botanical gardens in Siberia, the Council of specially protected objects of flora, Novosibirsk branch of Russian Botanical Society. It is a member of the International Council of botanical gardens. Its staff participate in international projects with the United States of America, Italy, Finland, Canada, Sweden, China, and a number of other countries. The collection and exhibition of plants include 14 thousand species.( Now the Arboretum and forest have over 400 species, 166 forms and hybrids, a collection of forage plants, 270 species of medical and spicy-aromatic plants, 350 species of rare and disappearing plants and over 400 species of ornamental plants). Now in greenhouses there are more than 3000 species of tropical and subtropical plants. There is a herbarium, numbering 550 thousand leaves of herbs and a large collection of lichens and fungi. Different kinds of birds live there. Some birds are rare. One can see squirrels there.Botanical Garden is a popular place for picnics, picking mushrooms, cycling trips and walkings. Due to bright colors and romantic atmosphere Botanical Garden looks like a magic fairy – tale plaсe…


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