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My native town Zavolzhye

Авдеева Татьяна Александровна.
Дата рождения: 25 марта 1996 года.
Возраст: 15 лет
Ученица 10 «А» класса МОУ СОШ № 17

Each person has a place where he was born and has grown, so we name it the native land. My native town is Zavolzhye. It’s situated in the Gorodetskiy area. It’s an hour ride from a great, beautiful Russian city Nizhniy Novgorod. Our town is rather small. The population is about 42 thousand. It’s located on the bank of the Gorky Water Basin, on the right coast of the Volga river.
The history of my town. Is connected with the building of Gorky Hydroelectric Power station. According to the order of the Soviet Government the station was done by 1948.
A lot of young talented people from all our country were coming in the village Pestovo. It’s the first name of my town. The majority of builders lived in the tents, making “Green town”. The life was very hard but all people were happy very much, because they built a new town. In 1950, new plants and appeared here: Zavolzhsky Motor Plant, Zavolzhsky crowler vehicle plant. In 1964 Zavolzhye received the town status. You may think the life in the provincial town is rather dull.
Every morning I get up and breathe in fresh air full of various scents which depend on a season: in summer it’s smell of fresh grass and flowers, in winter it’s smell of frost and snow. In Spring I prefer walking along the main street. It stretches from V.I.Lenin’s monument to the Central Park after Y.A.Gagarin. It’s pleasant to spend free time walking past the flower beds and the lime tree avenue. Those who want to have some entertainment can go to the House of Culture. It’s a pity we have no theatres but you may go to the cinema. Our town is a town of the youth. Young people study at many institutes, schools, colleges. We also have sport-grounds, a swimming-pool, gymnasiums where young people can rest.
I like my native town very much. I want it always to be beautiful and clean. I’ll do everything for my town.


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