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Zelenobrskiy – is my native settlement

Плешанова Евгения Николаевна
МБОУ СОШ №49 г. Мурманск
Учитель английского языка

Zelenobrskiy – is my native settlement. Its population is 6561 people. It is situated in the south of Murmansk region, along the gulf of the White Sea. Zelenoborskiy is reach in natural resources. Its lakes are inhabited by pikes, pollan, perch. The gulf of the White Sea is inhabited by flatfish, herring, cod, salmon, trout. You can even see a seal in the gulf of the White Sea. The nearest forests are famous for cloudberries, bilberries, cowberries and mushrooms.
The settlement was founded in 1951 in connection with the building of the Hydro Power Station. It gives power to maintainethe work of factories in Murmansk region.
But the building of Hydro Power Station made it impossible the pass of salmon for spawning. That‘s why a fish factory was built, where salmon is bred artificially.
Zelenobrskiy is really very beautiful in any season. In winter snow is everywhere, there are frosty patterns on windows, and in the sky you can see wonderful northern lights. In winter you can go skiing, winter fishing, make a snowman, toboggan. In summer it is very green ( Zelenoborskiy is also called Zelyoniy Bor that means Green pine forest). You can go fishing, gather mushrooms and berries, walk in the streets in summer.
In Zelenoborskiy you can admire polar nights in winter when the night lasts more then 24 hours, and polar days in summer when the sun doesn’t set.


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