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Moscow, Mar’ino, history

Белоконева Дарья
Ученица 8 класса «Г»
Средней общеобразовательной школы № 1965

Hello, my name is Dasha. As the saying goes “there is no place better than home”. Having lived in Mar’ino all my life I would like to admit that it is now perhaps the most famous district in Moscow. The history of Mar’ino goes back to the Middle Ages when the first settlement appeared in an ancient village which was called Mar’ino after the name of Princess Mary Yaroslavna, mother of Ivan III, who organized the settlement.
In 1977 on the site of Mar’ino village the government began a construction of new housing estates and Mar’ino was separated into two parts. They are called new and old Mar’ino. In spite of being outskirts of Moscow, it has its own variety musical theatre “Improvisation”, five cinemas and even the centre of creativity of children and young people. Mar’ino is a young district and there are a lot of young people. That is why we have got plenty schools, kindergardens and different entertaining centres. Sports schools and music schools are open for children who is keen on sports and who are talented in music. The dwellers of Mar’ino try to keep carefully traditions and history of our district. The museum which is committed to the memory of the front-line soldiers and the war veterans of Mar’ino has been created here. The memorial to a defender of the Motherland has been set up lately and it has become a tradition to put flowers and hold meetings at this monument.
One of the monuments was constructed with a great sense of humour. It is the monument to student`s superstition. The main pride of our dwellers is the church "Assuage My Sorrows". It is a great building to inspire great admiration where people go to express their religious attitude.
There is only a brief story about our district, but it is not possible to describe about it in this short article.


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