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Ivangorod - Beautiful Border Town

Селиверстова Ольга Владимировна
МБОУ «Ивангородская средняя общеобразовательная
школа № 1 им. Н.П. Наумова»
учитель английского языка

Ivangorod is a fabulous place to live in and to visit. It’s a small town situated in Leningrad region on the right bank of the Narva River by the Russian-Estonian border. The frontier location of Ivangorod is the most characteristic feature of both the past and the present of the town. Founded in 1492 Ivangorod still keeps secrets of ancient times. A walk in Ivangorod Fortress, a Russian medieval castle, will return you in the times of Tsar Ivan III, Peter the Great. Ivangorod Fortress offers an unobstructed view of Russia’s neighbor Estonia. Narva castle on the one bank of the river and Ivangorod fortress on the other bank form a unique ensemble. You can be sure that the border is not a mere line that separates, but also a place where two cultural worlds meet, mutually influence and interpenetrate each other.
The town of Ivangorod is located in an extremely picturesque place. In about two kilometers upstream from Ivangorod Fortress there is a unique object of nature. It is the Narva Waterfall, whose spillway capacity is one of the largest in northern Europe. Clean and safe environment makes Ivangorod an attractive town to settle in or to spend one’s holidays. Located at the heart of nature with a unique history Ivangorod amazes a lot of tourists every year. It’s very easy to reach Ivangorod: by train, by bus, by car or by bike. The tourist infrastructure has lately been expanded with new bars, restaurant and hotels.


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